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Embarking on a Juice Cleanse!

I’ve been reading up on juice cleanses for the past couple of weeks and although I am convinced of the benefits, the one thing that kept me from signing up for one was the cost. I had even considered getting my own juicer for DIY at home.

I finally took the plunge after visiting Joob and tasted one of their off-the-shelf juices. Nothing like trying one in person and seeing for myself if I can take it. Being a carnivore mostly, the thought of just vegetable and fruit juices was scary to say the least! But the owner ChoonBoon was patient and managed to allay most of my apprehension.


The juices were delivered yesterday evening in a nice cooler bag and I was excited to get them all into my fridge. I had an early night to prepare physically and mentally for the next 3 days ahead. More from me soon!