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iPhone 5 Anyone?

The much-anticipated IP5 has launched in Singapore to the usual expected long queues. I read that people started queuing the day before, which I guess isn’t so bad if NY-ers are willing to camp out a week ahead. I don’t know if I’m tempted to get the new iPhone. With my current Galaxy SIII, I’m pretty happy with the bigger screen, option for add-on memory and the ability to change out the battery should the current one run flat. My biggest peeve is “I miss the App Store!!” Google Play still has some ways to go before catching up with the diversity and quality of apps for iOS. I don’t know, I might just opt for the new iPod touch? And it’s all the more attractive in their oh-so-snazzy and yummy new colors! 🙂




Here’s an infographic on Mashable about the iPhone 5 and the Smartphone Market. Quite interesting 🙂


So are you tempted? 🙂



Instant Messaging for the iPhone

This has got to be one of the coolest yet – an IM (Instant Messaging) for the iPhone which allows you to sign on to different IMs at once and the coolest – you can remain online (connected) even when the phone is in sleep mode. You get buzzed when you get a message on IM. How cool is that?!?!? AND it has a built-in feature that allows you to take pictures and send them instantly over IM. Woohooo!! I’m happy!! 🙂

p/s: It’s got cute emoticons too! 🙂

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Apple’s 3G iPhone is coming to Singapore!!!

Though the rollout date is not specified on the Apple site, it’s still exciting, isn’t it?? And with the US prices starting at US$199, it’s REALLY attractive, don’t you think? So who’s gonna get one?? 🙂 I’m loving my iPhone but can’t wait to see what the new one can do! 🙂