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Detox Diary

Day 1
Day one started with a glass of warm lemon water. I chose to start my detox on a work day so that I would be busy at work and hopefully not think about food! My first bottle of Green Machine – consisting of cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, apple and lemon.

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It tasted quite delicious and it went down quite well. I began to feel the withdrawal symptoms from my usual morning tea but it was still bearable. It was still way too early to even think of giving up! Bottle number 2 Tangy Paradise was yummy! Consisting of pineapple, orange, mint and cucumber. The mint was really refreshing and again, this went down well.

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In between the juices, I made several visits to the toilet. By bottle number 3 (another Green Machine), I was feeling rather full and bloated and Cleansorator (number 4) was a nice refreshing change. This was lemon, agave, filtered water and cayenne pepper.

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This was my 2nd time drinking this so I was pretty used to the spice from the cayenne. Ok, dinner’s juice wasn’t great AT ALL! It consisted of beetroot, pear, carrot and ginger. It was my first time tasting beetroot and it is an acquired taste INDEED! This must have been the hardest for me. With much difficulty, I only managed to finish half a bottle. 😦

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The evening finished off with a delicious, rich and creamy nut milk made from cashew nuts, agave, vanilla and filtered water. This was yummy and slightly sweet – a perfect ending to Day 1! All in all, the first day went well, I had no major cravings for food and neither did I feel hungry. 🙂

Day 2 & 3
Day two and three juices were exactly the same. I was quite proud of myself by day 3 that I managed to stick to the programme – and I even finished bottle 5 (beetroot) on day 3! I felt good on day 2, more energetic (partly because I slept really deeply the first night, this is apparently one of the good effects of the detox 🙂 ). However, by the end of day 3, I was craving for solid food but thank goodness I was already nearing the end of the detox. Oh and I also shed about 1.5kg over the 3 days (which is a bonus)!

All in all, I had a successful detox with none of the major side effects I read could happen – other than the many trips to the toilet and lack of waste elimination (only once over the 3 days?!?!), I generally felt lighter and sort of recharged. The first day after the detox, I had to take it slow with normal food intake as I could feel my digestive system having to re-adjust to food again. I’m glad I did the ‘reboot’ my body needed – and I’ll definitely be doing it again! 🙂


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Embarking on a Juice Cleanse!

I’ve been reading up on juice cleanses for the past couple of weeks and although I am convinced of the benefits, the one thing that kept me from signing up for one was the cost. I had even considered getting my own juicer for DIY at home.

I finally took the plunge after visiting Joob and tasted one of their off-the-shelf juices. Nothing like trying one in person and seeing for myself if I can take it. Being a carnivore mostly, the thought of just vegetable and fruit juices was scary to say the least! But the owner ChoonBoon was patient and managed to allay most of my apprehension.


The juices were delivered yesterday evening in a nice cooler bag and I was excited to get them all into my fridge. I had an early night to prepare physically and mentally for the next 3 days ahead. More from me soon!

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F1 Weekend

The Formula One race made its way to Singapore this weekend and I was lucky enough to be given a pair of tickets by a good friend. We’re not F1 followers but it was our first experience at the race and we got to catch Maroon 5 and Katy Perry. How cool!


Can’t wait to see which acts will be coming next year!

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Quick Update

It’s been so long since this blog has seen an update, I feel kinda sad for it. 😦 But if you’re still visiting, thanks so much for sticking around. 

This past year or so has seen both the hubs and myself busy with preparing E for a big exam (in exactly a weeks’ time in fact!). Social life has been reduced to a minimum not to mention scrapping. Once the next 2 weeks are over, it’s time to reconnect with friends and hobbies! Yay! I can’t wait and will be posting about what I’ve been recently into soon! 🙂


Hello 2011!

A very HAPPY new year my friends!!

It seems a little weird to be blogging again after what seemed a never-ending hiatus. To my horror, I discovered my blog went missing after I hadn’t checked on it for awhile. It was such a nightmare, I’ve even lost all my blog posts there and it’s too much of a hassle to figure out how to solve it… I said forget about it. Anyway, I’m reviving this old blog here, so there’s kinda a ‘gap’ of entries over the last 2 years. Bleah!

Well, where have I been this past year or so? Like most people I know – WORK. I was almost working full time the whole of last year and between that and the kids, there was hardly any time for anything else. Well, this new year, I’ve cut down on a little work (actually, one day a week) and I really want to get back to baking and maybe a little sewing. I’ve lost almost all interest in scrapping the past year, perhaps a little inspiration might creep back.

So, that’s about all that’s been happening and hopefully WILL happen! Next post will be some photos to share on our trip to Hong Kong in Dec’10.


I need some ideas :)

So tonight before I got down to scrapping, I decided I needed to organise my scrap area (well actually, it’s more like a heap now). I’ve been buying stuff and have accumulated quite a stash here in Switzerland. 🙂 And one huge contributor to this stash are my Unity Stamps. Hmmmm…. so I decided to start with them first and can you see how much I love rubber! LOL!

First I created sort of like a catalogue for me to refer to rather than look thru every single stamp. And then I took all the stamps out of the ring they came in and they pretty much looked like this.

I ended up with a pile of wood-mounted stamps and a stack of organza bags filled with unmounted stamps. Problem is many of these stamps consists of both wood and unmounted stamps within the same set. So if I wanted to organize them based on wood/unmounted stamps, I would have to split up some of the sets. But then I thought it would be ok since I have the catalogue, right? Right.

At this stage, I pretty much ran out of ideas of how to store my stamps and here’s how they look now…

Not the best way I’m sure… and this is where I need ideas. 🙂 Hmmm… how would you store these stamps?? I want to hear… so just leave a comment here and I have a little surprise – I’ll do a random drawing from all the comments made and I have 3 lil’ stamps from Inque Boutique to give away. 🙂 So post away girls! 🙂


{ look here mum }

How’s everyone doing? We’re halfway through the week and another weekend coming up. 🙂

I scrapped this layout last night… had these photos printed out for some time now, but didn’t know what to do with them.

These are the SBB train tickets that you and your brother love collecting on every train ride. And no wonder too – with interesting train pictures on them!

I used the 5th Avenue and Garden Party collections from Making Memories. I love how versatile 5th Avenue is, perfect for boy or girl layouts and I love the contrast with the black. It just ‘pops’, don’t you think? 🙂

On the scrappy front, I received 2 emails this week to do some guest design work and I’m thrilled to say the least. 🙂 So look out for more scrappy goodness come Sep and Oct. 🙂

Have a great rest-of-the-week everyone!! 🙂


Oh WOW!!

Look what a surprise I found this morning!! I soooo love Sassafras and it’s an honor to be featured. 🙂

Thank you Hayley and Rebecca!! You’ve REALLY made my day. 🙂