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Detox Diary

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Day 1
Day one started with a glass of warm lemon water. I chose to start my detox on a work day so that I would be busy at work and hopefully not think about food! My first bottle of Green Machine – consisting of cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, apple and lemon.

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It tasted quite delicious and it went down quite well. I began to feel the withdrawal symptoms from my usual morning tea but it was still bearable. It was still way too early to even think of giving up! Bottle number 2 Tangy Paradise was yummy! Consisting of pineapple, orange, mint and cucumber. The mint was really refreshing and again, this went down well.

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In between the juices, I made several visits to the toilet. By bottle number 3 (another Green Machine), I was feeling rather full and bloated and Cleansorator (number 4) was a nice refreshing change. This was lemon, agave, filtered water and cayenne pepper.

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This was my 2nd time drinking this so I was pretty used to the spice from the cayenne. Ok, dinner’s juice wasn’t great AT ALL! It consisted of beetroot, pear, carrot and ginger. It was my first time tasting beetroot and it is an acquired taste INDEED! This must have been the hardest for me. With much difficulty, I only managed to finish half a bottle. 😦

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The evening finished off with a delicious, rich and creamy nut milk made from cashew nuts, agave, vanilla and filtered water. This was yummy and slightly sweet – a perfect ending to Day 1! All in all, the first day went well, I had no major cravings for food and neither did I feel hungry. 🙂

Day 2 & 3
Day two and three juices were exactly the same. I was quite proud of myself by day 3 that I managed to stick to the programme – and I even finished bottle 5 (beetroot) on day 3! I felt good on day 2, more energetic (partly because I slept really deeply the first night, this is apparently one of the good effects of the detox 🙂 ). However, by the end of day 3, I was craving for solid food but thank goodness I was already nearing the end of the detox. Oh and I also shed about 1.5kg over the 3 days (which is a bonus)!

All in all, I had a successful detox with none of the major side effects I read could happen – other than the many trips to the toilet and lack of waste elimination (only once over the 3 days?!?!), I generally felt lighter and sort of recharged. The first day after the detox, I had to take it slow with normal food intake as I could feel my digestive system having to re-adjust to food again. I’m glad I did the ‘reboot’ my body needed – and I’ll definitely be doing it again! 🙂


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