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Brilliant Weblog Award


Heeehee… this is my first award. 🙂 Given by Lisa and Leanne. Thanks girls! 🙂

Who gets the “Brilliante Weblog Award“? Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy. Here are the Award Rules:

1. The winner can take the logo

2. Place a link to the person that send you the award

3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy

4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.

5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award

Now comes the hard part, to decide who to give the award to. 🙂 There are so many inspiring blogs out there, it’d be impossible to name them all, so here’s who I’ve picked…

1. AnnaMarie – my new scrapping buddy and maybe even best friend! She’s an awesome scrapper with the sweetest heart. Love this girl! 🙂

2. Leena – my scrapping friend from Singapore. She’s an amazingly talented scrapper. Go check her out. 🙂

3. Lia – another wonderful and sweet scrapper from Singapore. She makes scrapping look effortless. 🙂

4. Christy – I’ve only ‘just met’ Christy but I love her scrapping and her love for God… really shows through her work.

5. Lynn – another amazing scrapper I met in an online class. She’s amazingly supportive and friendly. Love her work too – her use of color and graphical elements is FAB! 🙂

6. Britta – is from Germany and I met her by chance online. A great girl with her own unique style.

7. Patter – I met Patter thru Faith Sister and the Unity forum… a talented scrapper and card-maker, I love visiting her blog for inspiration.

So there.. 7 blogs for you to visit. Have fun and remember to leave some love!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Brilliant Weblog Award

  1. Thanks for the award friend! You know I think the world of you! 🙂

  2. Ok….the award totally rawks but your sweet words mean even MORE to me. :)) Thank you AM , I am SO blessed by your friendship and am even more blown away by what an incredibly giving and compassionate soul you are…not to mention mega-talented scrapper. 🙂 Love ya! 🙂

  3. oh thank you so much, AnneMarie! thanks for the award and your sweet words!

  4. Oh Anne, thank you so much for the award! You really made my day! 🙂

  5. I am so sorry I am getting to this late. It has been wild at my house, and I am behind. Thank you SO much for thinking of me and giving me this award. You have made my day! I pray your trip is amazing! Blessings,

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