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Hike on Mount Pilatus


The most demanding work day of my life.

I had many days in my work life where I just want to call it quits but none can match yesterday. First, I had to reach work at seven which isn’t that bad. Then we hopped onto a bus and endured 2 1/2 hours of peak hour traffic to arrive at Luzern. I was informed that it’s going to be just a hike, like a walk in the park. Having served my basic military training and gone through the 24 km road march with full SBO and helmet, I thought that it is going to be easy. But five minutes into the hike, I was huffing and puffing and already thinking of just waiting in the car. Anyway, I don’t know how I made it but I did it. 2132 metres, 7000 ft above sea level – to the top of Mount Pilatus.

Hmmm… looks easy so far right???

WRONG… that was what WE THOUGHT!!!

By this time, we were just GLAD to make it!!

More pictures here.

p/s: Joey, Brenda and Terence, you better start getting into shape because we are going “hiking” when you come. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hike on Mount Pilatus

  1. WOW – the pics are so incredibly amazing….but I can’t even imagine having to hike all that terrain! Gorgeous photos, the views are just spectacular!!!

  2. at least u had a nice view!

  3. The mountains look beautiful!

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