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Legoland, Deutschland


We borrowed a car last Saturday and drove to Legoland in Gunzburg, Germany. It wasn’t a long drive (about 2.5 hours) but it was a manual car, J wasn’t confident of driving and so I drove. We had to go on a ferry with the car so that was quite an adventure for the kids.

This was the view from the ferry.

Ethan was entertained by a movie on daddy’s phone.

And finally, we arrived.

There were the rides, of course, but what I liked most were these….

This was a model of the Lego factory. They showed from how the bricks were molded from melted plastics to the painting of the features on the face to the assembly of the figurines. It was quite cool.

This is a video of the assembly of the figurines…

Another highlight was the miniature Lego world… actual places built out of Lego.

Here are a few pictures…

I’ve got too many pictures to post here, so go here to check out the rest. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Legoland, Deutschland

  1. Definitely the best amusement park that I have been to.

  2. Hi Anne-Marie! This looks like you are having so much fun! So jealous you went to see a EM-Match! *lol* I saw almost everyone (on TV though…).
    Have more fun in Switzerland!

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