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First Day of School


I just realised I did not mention before that the kids have to attend school. Well, yeah, we are registered as residents in our local community and because of that, we received a letter a few weeks back to inform us that the kids needed to attend school (even though I am homeschooling them). So after a couple of emails to and fro, we finally made arrangements for the kids to report to school yesterday. E’s in a P1-equivalent class and H’s in a K1-equivalent class. It’s just 2 and a half weeks left till the end of the school year, but we thought it’d be good for them to start anyway. Firstly, they can probably pick up the language after a few months (which’d be awesome for them) and secondly, they can get to interact with other kids. So off they went and here are some pics… (sorry for the less-than-ideal pictures, we thought it’d be weird for me to be totting my big cam so I took these with my iPhone instead 🙂 ).

These were taken during E’s gym class.. looks fun eh? I was totally impressed by the facilities. 🙂 And we found out, almost no one speaks English. 🙂

This was during E’s breaktime… looks like he fits right in. 🙂

And this is little missy, after her gym class. The kids walk to E’s school for their gym lesson. It’s about a 5min walk.

And then back to class for some activities. That’s H’s teacher in the background.

Well, today is day two and it seems like they had fun. What a great adventure it must be!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. wow. what an amazing experience. its nice to see you all so happy and blessed. 😉

  2. Hi!
    Just looking in from the Got Sketch forum. Nice place you have here!
    Love your layouts and cupcakes!

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