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The day I became “Champion”


It has to really take something for me to write my first blog. For some of you who already knew about, it’s where I play Puerto Rico with online gamers. But last night was different, I had the chance to play the World Boardgaming Championship (WBC) 2007 Puerto Rico Champion , Raphael Lehrer. . And I WON!!! I really hope to take part in this tournament someday. Lancaster is 2 hrs drive from my office in the States and I visit it once every 2 years. Hmmm ,maybe, just maybe ……

He was sitting at Island 0 by the way



2 thoughts on “The day I became “Champion”

  1. Wahh!! Really going ah?

  2. honestly, I was reading it before the post by AM on you blogging! For a sec, I was thinking?? Swiss culture got AM into a really changed PERSON? What the heck is is she blogging about that I am clueless? hahahaha….

    Interesting 1st blog, Jon!

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