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We had a nice ride up to Appenzell on Sunday with Rob & Jackie. Jackie had wanted to take a picture of this certain tree, which she saw in winter and she wanted to get a shot of it in all the 4 seasons. It was about an hour (or slightly more) drive and the scenery was beautiful… lots of countryside, hills, farm houses, cows etc… I just have to say that EVERYTHING in Switzerland is so well-manicured and pristine, even the countryside, the grass on the hills etc… it’s amazing!

So we got to the Appenzeller cheese factory and we got to watch the cheese production from a glass gallery above the factory. It’s quite cool to see the huge machinery making the cheese. Of course, I bought some cheese to eat right? 🙂

After that, we drove a little further to the town of Appenzell, had a little stroll among the street shops.

Here are some pics of the day…

So this is the tree… looks nice huh? Like Jon says, looks like the Forrest Gump tree. 🙂

The selection of cheeses in the cheese shop.

And I love it that most places have a playground for kids…

And our family pic of the day.. taken by Jackie. Thank you!!

Appenzeller Town… pretty little buildings…

And the Swiss really do LOVE their cows. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Appenzell

  1. hello !!

    Beautiful fotos !! But Appenzeller is not my favourite cheese ;-))))
    I sent you a private message, do you received it ?

  2. hee. the tree really looks cute. Great shots taken. What lens were you using?

  3. Thanks!!

    Marr, I was using the 50mm. 🙂

  4. Wow – gorgeous photos AM!! You must give me photography course when you come back, not to mention a Photoshop course, cooking course, and scrapbook course!! I mean it!! 🙂

    And thanks for dropping by my blog – YES I must visit switzerland after seeing your pics!! 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone! 🙂

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