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So it was another day but it was unusually cold, max today was 13 degrees. I’m not complaining though, I heard it’s hot and humid back home – almost unbearable to say the least. This is the hotest period of the year in Singapore so I’m glad this year we get to give it a miss. 🙂

The children did well in their work today… it’s not easy homeschooling them. For one, discipline is hard to cultivate and I can also empthasise that they can be rather restless being home the whole day. Good thing today was supermarket day.. so we headed to Konstanz, Germany with Jackie for our regular market day. They had fun.

For dinner, I cooked Spaghetti Alfredo (Rob’s recipe – YUM!) but I used pork instead of chicken.

As usual, in our excitement to tuck in, I forgot to take pictures of the finished dish, but as you can see, everyone finished what was on their plates so that means it was good right? :p Anyways, it’s a challenge now having to cook everyday.. have to think of what to cook and not repeat recipes too often etc etc.. gosh, I need more new recipes!! 🙂

And before I go, one simple layout for the night. I’m not terribly thrilled about it, but I just wanted to scrap something.

Oh yes, head on over to UnPubbed tomorrow for my famer challenge. YAY!!


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