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Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios Paris

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Yup, this post is about a week late. :p But better late than never…right?

So last week, we went to Paris and, of course, the kids will not let us off without a visit to Disney. We booked 2 nights at the Disney hotel and the kids (and us too la!) had loads of fun.

Picture of our hotel

“So what’s the plan, Gor Gor?
On day one, we went to Disneyland …

There’s just something magical about Disneyland.. you just feel happier the moment you step in. 🙂

(Gotta have a family pic! 🙂 )

And some pictures from the parade… You can see more here.

It was off to Walt Disney Studios Park on the second day.. I personally liked it better coz the rides are based on more recent Disney movies like Cars, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. We even ate at a restaurant themed after Ratatouille. The kids were thrilled!!!

More pictures here.

Hope you liked this… I loved seeing the photos all over again. 🙂


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