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Helloooo!!! :)


from Switzerland!!! I finally managed to get connected after almost 4 days… was suffering from internet withdrawal.. haha!! Anyway, it’s not our home internet connected that’s up, but I’m tapping on to a kind neighbours’. 🙂

Anyways, we had a good flight here… thank goodness the plane was new and comfortable and the kids were self-entertained for the whole 12hours. I was kinda disappointed with the service on SQ. I was kinda expecting that they’d do more for kids but then again, maybe it’s time to readjust expectations. 🙂

So we touched down at night at Zurich and stayed at the airport hotel where we were picked up the next morning to the town where we’d be putting up for the next 8 months or so.

The view outside the airport hotel… it was raining. 😦

The kids waiting for the transport to arrive.

On the road.

Our small and humble apartment. 🙂

But I must say I’m quite impressed with the design quality and furnishings. 🙂

Our place from the outside.

I have no idea what this says but I guess kids can play?? 🙂

Some pics of kids and daddy…

That’s it for today.. it’s almost 9pm and we’re getting sleepy. 🙂 Next update, more of what we did on day 2. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Helloooo!!! :)

  1. Hi Anne Marie – so good to hear that all of you have settled in somewhat. Looks like a quaint place you have there. Keep in touch and take care yah? 🙂

  2. That sign probably says pink shirt boys & blue shirt girls are passing ball at a speeds of 30km/hr… or just maybe its kids are playing nearby, so pls reduce your speed to 30km/hr. lol.

    Great to hear you guys have arrived safely. The house looks way way clean, hope the heating and hot water is good. Take care, we’ll miss you guys.


  3. Oh Anne, so glad to finally hear from you!! The place sure looked cold but spring is here, so the weather will turn for the better soon and the whole place will turn into ‘heaven’ with loads of green mountains and beautiful flowers all over!! 😀

    Hey, once you’ve settled in properly we’ll chat over msn soon alright? Take care Anne and hope to hear from you again soon!!

  4. nice to hear you guys have settled down well! 🙂 enjoy yourself in switzerland!

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