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The Leap Years

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Happy February 29th!

J & myself managed to catch our first movie in a few months last night. The kids were away at aunt’s and we grabbed the opportunity to go dating. 🙂

There has been much promoting of local film THE LEAP YEARS and I thought, heck, that was the most promising among the list of movies that were showing. I didn’t have high expectations though, especially not of a local, english production.


I was pleasantly surprised, though. The story was engaging and no wonder when I later found out it was based on a book by Catherine Lim. It was a love story, yes, but not one that was predictable like most Hollywood flicks. I felt it was rather beautifully crafted, evoked emotions and the story unfolded at the right pace. At one point in the show, I knew both J & myself were quite close to tears. 🙂

Acting-wise, I must say I’m impressed by the performance of everyone in the show. Granted there were probably an equal number of eurasians and chinese acting… the likes of Wong Li Lin and Vernetta Lopez did rather well actually. It was the first movie I’ve seen Li Lin act in in some time but she played the role of the love-pinning girl really well. And then there was the good-looking Ananda Everingham who appears every Feb 29th … 🙂 I liked Qi Yu Wu’s character best, I felt pity for him quite often in the show. But I won’t say anymore lest some of you reading this may want to catch the movie for yourselves. 🙂

A good movie worth recommending. 🙂 See you next February 29th! 🙂


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