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It’s Confirmed…


 Our family will be heading to Konstanz, Germany.




J just got confirmation from his company yesterday though no exact date was given. We’re thinking probably end Feb or early March.

Exciting.. but soo much to do…. 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s Confirmed…

  1. looks like a really nice place!!

  2. When you guys have the time, you definitely need to hop on a plane to visit the Czech Republic too!

  3. Ahhh Neuschwanstein, how do I love thee? It’s so beautiful there. You are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Salzburg, where I spent many months. Good times. I’m so jealous 🙂

  4. OMG!! Look at that view!! Just beautiful! Really envy you! 😉

  5. WOW!!! tats nice place…. So how long will u be there??
    we will miss u….

  6. Woo Hoo! You’re not that far from the UK so hopefully we might get a chance to meet up!

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