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What’s new??


Hahaha… nothing much really. I’ve been occupied with work, both teaching and scrapping-related. 🙂  Also been spending time with the kids since the holidays have started. They can get really hyper cooped up in the house all day so Jon and myself have been trying to get them out… just went to Ikea yesterday. 🙂

Today? I got myself a new toy…


I finally decided to get a p&s camera coz I’ve missed way too many shots while out with the kids, coz I’ve been lazy to lug my EOS with me. Anyway I thought, yeah, it’s great to have that perfect shot but better to capture the moment (but at a lower quality) than none at all! :p


2 thoughts on “What’s new??

  1. hey, we got ourselves the same toy on the same day! 🙂

  2. Woohoo!! That’s an awesome toy you just got for yourself!!

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