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Digi Scrapping


So I see lots of people are into digi scrapping eh? Sure is a lot cheaper than paper scrapping. 🙂

Here’s a list of digi scrapping sites I know.. you may be able to find some freebies, or buy new kits. Start shopping 🙂 …

Scrapbook Bytes
A Cherry on Top
The Digi Chick
Three Scrapateers
Scrap Outside the Box
Jasbeanie Boutique (Local designer)

There… that should keep you busy for some time. And if you can, do join the local scrapbooking forum, The Scrappers Loft. Come make new friends and learn from others. It’s cool and fun!


2 thoughts on “Digi Scrapping

  1. Thanks Anne, that was useful.

  2. Hi, I happened to drop by your site while looking at a lot of digi scrappings.

    I was wondering, how do I get started with this?

    Do I need Photoshop to do digi scrapping, or is something like Fireworks MX or even windows Paint okay?


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