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If you’re ocassionally stuck in a rut or find that you lack that creative juice… you sound just like me. Often I go online to find inspiration but recently I’ve bought 3 idea books that are packed full with ideas to start any scrap page.


The first is A Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking by Ali Edwards (by Creating Keepsakes).


She’s a really talented scrapper and is well-respected in the industry. I love her clean lines and powerful pages that show more than just photos. She teaches basic elements to graphic designing in her book and I find that very useful. In fact, I love the book so much I gave a copy to Agnes … hopefully, she’ll get hooked on scrapping like me! 🙂


The other design book is Clean & Simple Scrapbooking by Cathy Zielske (Simple Scrapbooks). The book is filled with design principles to create simple, sleek and no-fuss pages. I love that look!


Last but not least, I bought an idea book on Journaling. Sometimes I find myself looking for the right words to put on a page. I believe the story I have to tell can speak so much more powerfully than the pictures by themselves so I invested in Tracy White’s Journaler’s Handbook (Creating Keepsakes).


Don’t you think this book looks so pretty?? (That’s one of the reasons I bought it!!) There are hundreds of journaling prompts for the those moments when you’re at a loss for words. Included are an audio CD and a workbook!

One last thing, I am so looking forward for my lastest book to arrive from the States, it’s Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp (also CK). Hope that’ll help me improve on my handwriting so that I can do more handwritten journaling on my layouts! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Idea Books

  1. I would love to get my hand on these books! All looks so nice and good. But due to the big hole in my pockets now, guess I’ll have to keep searching for ideas from the net. Looking forward to your new creations soon.

  2. so many cute things!!!! my colleague bought clean & simple. we had a good time leafin through it. love the handbook.

  3. hey anne – all the books look great!!!!!! ill definitely be making use of my pressie 🙂

  4. Hi Anne Marie

    How do you find the Journaler’s Handbook? Do you think it’s useful and worth the money?



  5. hey serious case man anne – you and bren are REALLY INTO SCRAPBOOKING. i swear, during camp while playing Taboo – when the word “Scrapbook” came up we all just said Anne, and everyone got it 😛

  6. Claudia: I know, they burnt a hole in my pocket too! 🙂

    Melisa: I find it quite good, lots of journaling prompts especially for those who usually find it difficult to find something to write about.

    Oly: Ha ha!! That was funny… didn’t know we were so synonymous with scrapping. 🙂

  7. i’ve been buying too many books too. since the FMB and the AE one, then the CZ one, then AL Desingning with Simplicity, PK’s From FIne to Fabulous, SS’s SImple Inspirations. we should definitely collate our books and magazines when i get back lol

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  9. hi anne. how’s life? must be very busy ya? Hope to see more of your design soon. Cheers!

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