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some kind of wonderful…


i find it so awesome to have discovered scrapbooking. for one, i’ve started to clear and organise the stash of photos i’ve had been accumulating. you know, those in the orange, kodak photo albums. now, some of these photos are finding their place on wonderful scrapbook pages. i’ve also been able to spend some me-creative-time which i never had before. it’s a form of de-stressing for me from a day’s work and i find it an amazing creative outlet. of course, i also get to capture small but important life-moments that i would otherwise have forgotten in a few years’ time. you know, i used to wonder how life was when i was a child, i wished i had an album or something to look at now to see how i used to be. i imagine my kids saying this 20 years from now and i hope to give them something they can look back on. last but definitely not least, i’ve made so many new friends through scrapbooking. i find scrappers one of the nicest people you can find, extremely friendly and generous. i’m so thrilled when i get to know people who surf by my site and get inspired to start scrapbooking and i so look forward to getting to know so many more…it’s just such a wonderful thing, so wonderful.


3 thoughts on “some kind of wonderful…

  1. Hihi, when can we start scrapping together? Haha… I’ve been spending quite a bit of money on buying stuff for scrapping these days! And I just got tons of photos developed for scrapping. Still looking for more stuff for my work, need to find time to go down to Plaza Sing again soon.

    If I’m not wrong, you’re running a tuition center now? Who knows my pupils might be one in your center too! I’m teaching in a primary school around Hougang. Hope to exchange ideas on scrapping and even teaching with you soon! Cheers!

  2. Hey Claudia,
    I totally understand your addiction to buying scrapbooking supplies. 🙂 I can’t stop buying too. Have you started on your layouts yet?? I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂 As for supplies, you might want to check out my friend’s online store: Reasonably priced and good range of stuff.

    Yeah, maybe some of your students attend my centre. I run a Kumon centre actually.

    Would love to meet up and scrap.. would weekdays or weekends be better?

  3. Weekdays afternoon/evening should be fine. (I’m teaching in the morning.) Weekends shouldn’t be a problem. School holidays would be the best time. Usually can only start scrapping then. I’ve started and completed my first. Rather simple one. Will post on my site soon. =)

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