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the next two weeks will be really exciting. jon and i will be opening our second kumon centre in Punggol.  the new centre will be opening on 12 feb. hooray!
come to think of it, i’ve been a kumon instructor for 2 years now and i’ve really learnt much from this experience. apart from seeing my students grow and improve academically, i’ve seen myself grow as well. i’ve learnt to accept each child as they are and to know that what they don’t know isn’t really their fault. i just wished sometimes singaporean parents weren’t so concerned with their children exceling academically. there’s a lot more to a child’s development which requires time and patience to build up so as perserverance and determination. i’m so glad i’m teaching a method that aims to impart just that extra edge these kids will need to get ahead in the future. i’m also thankful for jon who has been helping me out, although sometimes i don’t say it. i’m glad we’re partners in this.


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