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i’m back, from a somewhat exhausting, supposedly ‘relaxing’ getaway with jon and ethan. it’s supposed to be ethan’s birthday present cum our break from work, then again, how relaxing can it be with a precocious four-year-old in tow? nonetheless, we enjoyed the food, entertainment and some time with the boy (without him having to fight with his sister for attention). Will post pictures later.


4 thoughts on “heilo!

  1. whoa! can’t believe he’s 4 already man…

  2. Welcome back. We really cherish the value of time when we see our children grow.

  3. hey anne,
    i cant believe his 4 already too! gawd 😛 where did u guys go?

  4. b: yup, time really flies. hey, joel is also 6 months. they’ll be able to play together next time you’re back.

    jimmy: you couldn’t be more right, they’ll never fail to amaze us! 🙂

    ag: we went to club med bintan. 🙂

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